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DIY Mini Book!

Anyone with children knows how much they love books of all kinds, especially the kind you can color in and write on! I remember loving all the notebooks (and pens too). This is a quick and simple craft that will give your child their very own mini book to fill with whatever floats their boat.

We've included a free printable which has a title cover page and author space on the back cover, at the bottom of this post.

This video should walk you through how to fold, and make your one cut, to get your mini book!

Bridger of course LOVES farm animals, so that was the first book his Auntie Ahsym made for him. We are also working on our nature journal, and decided to make a mini book of bugs, too! These are short books (the front cover, 3 double page spreads, and the back cover), so we've added a few fun learning books, and one to give to our friend who loves unicorns.

We would love to see what fun stories or journals you make. Please share them with us here, on facebook, or tag us on instagram @bridgeringthegap or with #bridgeringthegap.

This image below is for a standard, US Letter-sized piece of printer paper. If you save it and print, it should be just the right size.

Or feel free to download and print the PDF file.

My Mini Book Of_Bridgering The Gap
Download PDF • 361KB

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