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Our Little Cattle Buyer is ONE!
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Hello there, I'm Lynique. Farming and ranching is in my blood and I'm proud to pass the tradition on to my son. I decided to create "Bridgering the Gap - Life in Rural America" because there's so much to share and so many things I wish I knew that I had to learn the hard way. I also wanted to create a space for an online community to come together and share our lifetime of experiences. 


I'm hoping to provide you with product reviews, tips and tricks for keeping livestock and homesteading, a few of my favorite mom hacks, as well as provide a glimpse of country living for those of you who don't live out in the sticks.


Brian and I run a pack station and outfitting business along with our bucking stock and commercial cattle herds and I'm also a commercial fisherman, a teacher and own a construction company. Needless to say, we have livestock up to our ears, and work seven days a week, but love the ranching lifestyle and our son seems to be pretty tickled about it too.  


Bridger was born on a Thursday, causing us to miss a "Bred Cow Special" which became an inside joke with our family. Since then, we have been to our local cattle sale almost every Thursday, and have started a commercial cow herd for Bridger. 


A few of Bridger's favorite things so far are animals, the great outdoors (including the snow), his herd of Wonder Horses and Bucking Bull (provided by his Auntie Ahysm) and food! So, he definitely takes after his parents. 

More content added weekly, thanks for your support. 
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