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Marvelous Meringue Mondays - Shamrocks with Chocolate Drizzle

Marvelous Meringue Mondays - Shamrocks with Chocolate Drizzle

You Will Need:

- Meringue mixture (see Easy Meringues Recipe)

- Green Food coloring (liquid or gel)

- Mint extract or flavoring

- Plastic Wrap

- Piping bags (or ziplock bags)

- Frosting tips

- Chocolate chips


Prepare meringue according to directions.

When adding mint flavoring, be sure to start small, a little goes a long way! I use about 5-7 drops for a full batch.

Add green food coloring. I used 7 drops of liquid food coloring for the full batch.

Lay out a piece of plastic wrap and place the mixture in the center of the plastic wrap.

Roll up the plastic wrap around the mixture (the “bottom end” should be tapered to a smaller point and the “top end” can be larger - think of the piping bag it will be going into).

Place desired frosting tip in the piping bag or ziplock with a corner cut out

Cut off the bottom end of the plastic wrap and insert into the piping bag.

Pipe frosting or meringue mixture into a shamrock shape, starting from the “blob” on the outside and dragging the tip into the center.

Bake at 225 degrees for 40 minutes - Shut off the oven, let cool for about 45 min in the oven, then remove.

After the meringues are completely cooled, prep some chocolate chips for drizzling (I used ½ c for this batch) by warming in a microwave safe bowl for 30 seconds. Then 5-10 second increments (stirring between each burst) until smooth.

Place chocolate in a ziplock baggie or piping bag with a small round tip

Drizzle chocolate over the shamrocks and let stand until chocolate has hardened.


Helpful tips and tricks:

- Careful not to scorch the chocolate. Scorched chocolate is ruined chocolate!

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